Portfolio Content Y1: Roadmap to Education and/or Service

Believe it or not, adulthood is right around the corner. For over decade you've dreamed of graduating from high school and making the proverbial leap into the "real" world. For some, college or service in the military represents freedom and independence. It's what you've been waiting for your entire life – no more curfews or getting the third-degree about where you've been, what you've been up to, or who you've been with – you will make your own decisions.

But we don't want you to make the great leap without knowing what you're getting into. For all of you, we hope college or military service represents opportunity – opportunity to explore, to learn, to be successful, to make your dreams a reality.

So, You Want to be a(n) Insert Name of Mascot Here

In order to complete this section, you will need to go to the post-secondary school (university, technical, vocational) or military service's website you are interested in.

We highly recommend you spend some time browsing through the website to get a feel for the school or the military branch of service before you launch into a full-scale research project – how bummed would you be if you realized half-way through that the school or branch of service you're interested in doesn't offer what you're looking for?

Once you finish browsing through the school's website, research and record the following in a Word document – later, you will transfer your research to the Roadmap: Education/Service page of your portfolio.

Institution Description

NOTE: from here, we will refer to your post-secondary education or military options as "institution." Unless noted, students interested in military service need to complete each section as outlined.

  1. List the name of your institution
  2. Write a brief description of the institution you plan to attend/enlist.
  3. Include the vision or mission statement of the institution. This could also be the philosophy of the institution
  4. In your own words, write a brief description of the campus and/or the city/town of the institution. If you are interested in military service, determine where you might be stationed for tech school, NOT boot camp
    • A description should include the climate, surrounding landscape, available recreational activities, on campus housing, off campus housing, size of campus, size of town, etc.


  1. List the undergraduate program or military rank you intend to complete
  2. Write a short description of the academic major or service job you are interested in, including the basic requirements needed to complete the degree or secure the position
    • Note: This is a specific description of the major; for example: a person in the Business Program might earn a degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Management.
    • Note: an example of a military job might include Information Systems Operator/Analyst. Also, certain ranks like Officer require some type of degree.

Tuition & Living Expenses (College-bound Students)

  1. Create a table and include a budget for a typical year at school. Include:
    • Cost of tuition — specify if this is for resident or non-resident
    • Average cost of books and supplies
    • Average cost of housing — specify if you plan to live on campus, in an apartment, or at home
    • Average cost of food
    • Other essential necessities such as fuel, phone, clothing, etc.
    • Most schools have a breakdown of this information on their website.

Logos and Images

Note: search for LARGE images to maximize the quality for your site.

Find the following types of images/pictures to make your page more engaging:

  1. Institution Logo (.png file type is recommended)
  2. Photo of some part of the campus and or city
  3. Campus map
  4. Campus or city activity (sports, clubs, special events)
  5. Students or service members in action – preferably one that resembles what you're interested in