Portfolio Content: Showcase Page

Time to showcase who you are. In BIS, we emphasize backing up a statement, position, or opinion with solid evidence.

The Showcase is your evidence.

Evidence demonstrating your prowess as a creator of things. Examples illustrating your ability to analyze, synthesize, revolutionize. Artifacts exemplifying your accomplishments.

Show What You're Made Of

You need a minimum of 5 solid work samples, spanning all subjects and levels. Don't confine yourself to just one year or one subject – look through all your projects. Remember, sometimes it's just as important to show growth as it is to show your best work.

We're looking for at least one of each of the following:

  1. A piece of writing – essay, letter, narrative, et al.
  2. A math and/or science project/artifact
  3. A graphic design piece
  4. A foreign language project/artifact (if applicable)
  5. A social sciences and/or business/marketing project/artifact