The BIS Internship Experience

Portfolio Content

The BIS Internship Experience is a huge part of our program, and we think it's important that you highlight it on your digital portfolio.

Company/Organization Profile

  1. Write a basic description of the company/organization, including:
    1. Mission Statement – Include the mission or vision statement of the company/organization – you may search for this on the company/organization's website
    2. History – include a brief history of the company:
      • When the company/organization was founded
      • Who started the company/organization
      • Include unique facts that pertain to the development or success of the company
      • You should interview your supervisor or someone else knowledgeable about this information
    3. Community Relations – describe how the company/organization is involved in the community
  2. Product or Service Description – Include a description of the service or product the company provides
    • If the company/organization provides multiple services or products, describe the most important, notable, or best selling

Job Shadow Description

  1. Job Description – write a description of the job position you shadowed
    • Include the function this position provides within the company/organization
    • Include the education/training/experience required for the position
  2. Supervisor Interview
    • Focus on what you want to know the most – below are a list of suggestions
      • What are some of the rewarding experiences of your job?
      • What are the most difficult challenges you face on a regular basis and how do you handle them?
      • Have you ever considered changing careers, why or why not?
      • How is your work environment? Do you enjoy where you work?
      • Is your industry subject to the ups and downs of the economy, and if so, how has it affected you?
      • If you could give one piece of advice about this type of career, what would you say to someone thinking about entering this line of work?

Job Shadow Narrative

  1. Write a narrative that illustrates your internship experience. We recommend you focus on one or two of the most memorable days and/or experiences during your time. We DON'T WANT a week-to-week summary – be engaging.


  1. Take pictures of the physical building
  2. Take a picture of the product/service of the company/organization – be mindful of privacy, i.e., don't include pictures of customers, patients, etc.
  3. Take a picture of you and your supervisor