Roadmap to Education and/or Service

Portfolio Content


What are Your Post-Secondary Plans?

Write a brief paragraph that describes your plans for after high school that includes an introduction to the institution you plan to go to. Include:

  • What your intentions are
  • A brief introduction to the institution
  • A logo of the institution

College or Service Marketing Poster

Include your College or Service Infographic – Click here for instructions

Paying for School (School-bound Students)

  1. Research scholarships and find two (2) that you can apply for (hint: – Crater Foundation and OSAC). Include the following:
    • A short description of each
    • Eligibility requirements and if you qualify
  2. Research Grants and Work Study
    1. Research Work Study opportunities on campus. Include:
      • A brief job description
      • Pay
      • Hours a week
      • Your eligibility
    2. Research Pell Grants. Include:
      • A brief description
      • The maximum amount of the grant
      • Eligibility requirements and if you qualify
  3. Federal Student Loans
    1. Research Stafford Unsubsidized Loans. Include:
      • A brief description
      • Maximum amount you can borrow in a school year
      • The current interest rate
    2. Research a Parent Plus Loan. Include:
      • A brief description
      • Maximum amount you can borrow in a year
      • The current interest rate

Salary, Bonuses, & Allowances (Service-bound Students

  1. Create a table and chart a typical salary for your entering rank to your desired rank, i.e., Private to Captain. Include:
    • Base salary
    • Imminent Danger Pay
    • Any re-enlistment bonuses
    • Housing allowances for being single or married
    • Retirement Benefits
    • Veteran Benefits

GI Bill

  1. Write a brief description of the GI Bill
  2. List the benefits offered under the GI Bill
  3. List the basic eligibility requirements
  4. Create a table to show which members (Active Duty, Veteran, Spouse, Child) qualify for what benefits
  5. Create a table showing the Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefit Tiers
  6. List what service members can use the GI Bill for