Portfolio Headline Graphic

BIS students plan and promote their future by outlining their post-secondary education and career goals as a published digital portfolio.

Student Portfolios

BIS students begin outlining their post-secondary education and career goals as freshman, and continue refining these goals through their senior year. As part of the development of the Professional Portfolio, students explore a potential career interest and research post-secondary education options to fulfill the requirements of their dream job. The themes of the portfolio reflect students' collegiate or career interests.

The second function of the portfolio is to publish student work. Adhering to the principle of "making real world connections," BIS emphasizes "publishability" as the standard to reach when completing projects. Portfolios showcase student projects to the public, creating a sense of purpose, and providing a real audience for their creativity, voice, and ideas.

Build a Digital Portfolio

Students build their digital portfolios in two stages: Content & Design.

In the Content stage, students (1) write a profile, resume, and S.M.A.R.T goals; (2) research a specific post-secondary education option of interest; (3) research a specific company in an industry of interest; and collect artifacts for the Showcase.

In the Design stage, students have three different design options to fit their experience and skill level. Each option requires students to build their portfolio by writing HTML and CSS coding languages.