Creating Identity Through Consumption

CSB Reads | "The Great Gatsby"

Consumer identity is the consumption pattern through which a consumer describes themselves. Consumption has become increasingly more meaning-based; brands are often used as symbolic resources for the construction and maintenance of identity. Consumers use brands and products to express their identities.

Reflect on Your Identity Through Your Personal Consumption Habits

Download the image below, or if you prefer, find another "humanoid outline" that fits your style. In Photoshop, Design your identity with the brand and type of clothing you buy. Add personal accessories to round out your "consumer identity

Around your "consumer identity," add logos of other items you also buy that formulate your identity.

Human Body Outline

In a paragraph below your "consumer identity," create a consumer profile of yourself. Identify the key brands associated with your "consumer identity" and what this indicates about yourself.

Save as a .jpg and upload your document to the Synergy Dropbox.