Presenting H2WFAIP

Listed below are the ways available for presenting your knowledge and understanding from the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

The project you choose will determine the number of people creating your presentation. Our purpose is to show your knowledge gain, not provide a hiding place for those that did not...

Today, you will:

This project will be due (and presented) on Thursday, October 3!

Example from previous years - Cassidy Layton and Dillon Westbrock - The Hobo Commune - Seth-Ben-Maggie


Your ideas and suggestions:

Newscast Video Skit with a partner/group Prezi (detailed on each section or chapter)
Infographic Detailed* Video (like the Nail Video - expressing key points) - present to class - act out the stories in the book or write our own Video and skits
Situational Video Skit - What "to" and "not" to do Book Ad*
Situational Skits Write a professional business letter to the author (Carnegie Institute) asking questions and presenting ideas - 2 page minimum - this will be sent Scenarios
Class discussion Role Play or videos that pertain to subjects in book Music Video
Use lessons to write about how we can use (short but thorough) Video that emphasizes positive results of the book Book Cover/Front and Back and inserts/Summary and Ratings*
Game Show Think Character Profile but do it on main topics of book* Video of a news team interviewing people who have read the book and how they use it
Poster - 30 by 20 - Key words, phrase and thoughts* Advertising - Billboard, Commercial and Flyers (Ad Campaign) Small group presentations
Game or activity Video showing the methods of the chapters in life or work environments Commercial
Comic Book Talk show Q & A with Dale C. One Person Show of Carnegie*
Creative book talk presentation* Video followed by group activity (showcasing what they learned) Write anecdotal stories applying concepts from the book in real life like the author did*
Brochure* Teach the class Act out

Items with a * can only be done as an individual