Keyboarding Pretest

The purpose of this pretest is to get a baseline score which determines your starting point in keyboard skill building. We will be working on keyboarding skills for four weeks and at the end there will be a post test assessment.

Open up a Word document and save it as kb pretest in your CSB Trimester 1 folder in your U drive.

Warm-up by typing these directions for approximately three minutes then we will take two three-minute timings.

**Note** You do not have to return at the end of each line, nor do you have to type the # in at the end of each line.

When finished with each timing, highlight your errors and type the errors with a slash followed by the words per minute (3/45). Words may be added up using the scale to the left of each line. Be sure to divide your words per minute by the number of minutes in the timing.

Save this file as kb pretest