We have been working on keyboarding skills for six weeks and have reached the time for your post test assessment. Each of you can earn 2+2 credits at Rogue Community College for BT120 - In order to receive this credit you need to GET AN "A" or "B" GRADE in CSB and will need to have an introductory skill level of touch operation of a 10-key numeric keypad- Requirements of RCC BT120.


  1. Operate the alphabetic keyboard by touch, being able to type without looking at their keyboard or fingers and keeping their eyes on the source document.
  2. Operate the alphabetic keyboard by touch at a minimum of 25 words per minute for three minutes with not more than three uncorrected errors on a minimum of three official timings.
  3. To use efficient keyboarding techniques by demonstrating the ability to sit correctly, maintain proper hand and finger positions and movements, and keep fingers on home row while keeping eyes on copy.
  4. Use computer software to input, save, and print keyboarding assignments.
  5. To key untimed mixed alphabetic and numeric material.
  6. Operate the symbol keys with some visual assistance and correct spacing.
  7. To obtain an introductory skill level with operating a 10-key numeric keypad by touch.


Open up a new Word document and save it as kb posttest in your CSB Tri1 folder in your U drive. When you link it up - put your scores in the comment box as well.

We will warm-up by typing the warm up for approximately five minutes then we will take "2" three minute timings - Do not stop if you finish the all the lines - start back again at the top.


look null poll hulk junk monk pool hull hymn moon lump pulp

dew ear fed gas red set tar vex wed arc few tax ace bet cat

imply kinky onion hominy kimono limply pinion unhook minion

age bad cab dad err fad rag tab vat wad bed sat was age car

phony nylon pupil pylon unholy pompon uphill poplin pippin

aware barge cadet defer extra farce great react saber trade

hip ill joy kin lip mop nip oil pin you hop imp lop mum nun

Vera May Clark will seize and box her quota of grape juice.

Quin plucked a zither with vigor as six men ate beef jerky.

Liz Carver may quit doing tax forms with Becky Poe in June.

Tracy Bond mixed seven quarts of zesty jam with green kelp.

Grim Bob Kilman was vexed but camped by the fuzzy jonquils.

Crazy mechanics walked to fix big jeeps for the vice squad.

Phil may view and judge sixty lizards or fifty black quail.

Mac Park had five extra jobs mining white or yellow quartz.




Do not hit return - Do not type in the numbers


Post Test