Internship Make Up 11- January 30 - Class Work

All work will be saved in the same document - one after another -

    1. You will be watching CNN Student News- to watch the CNN Student News for today, January 30
      1. After viewing CNN Student News:
        1. Open a Word document- save as imu13_2.13
        2. Do a summary of the entire broadcast from today (2/13) defining all the national and international news that is shown in this video. Tell the who(s), what(s), where(s), when(s), why(s) and how(s)
    2. New York Times Learning Network- To Do:
    3. Read the following stories or watch the video

New York Times Learning Network (list this as a heading in your Word doc)

Click the link below and follow the instructions found on the page

  1. I'm Not a Career Politician: 6 Teenagers Run for Kansas Governor
    • Answer the questions found at the bottom of the page in the same Word doc as above
    • OPTIONAL: post one of your responses to the COMMENTS on this page
  2. Pick ONE of the following "Teaching Activities" below and complete the questions in the same Word doc

Email Rogan and Sinks your Word file as an attachment - Email Subject: Internship Make Up 11 - January 30 - Class Work

Remember to complete all the work and email them in as attachments in order to get full credit!

*There is no absolute rule: very short or long paragraphs can work when used by an experienced writer. However, as a guideline, paragraphs should usually be no less that 2 or 3 sentences long