Internship Make Up 6 - December 6 - Class Work

All work will be saved in the same document - one after another -

    1. You will be watching CNN Student News- to watch the CNN Student News for today, Dec. 6
      1. After viewing CNN Student News:
        1. Open a Word document- save as imu6_12.6
        2. Do a summary of the entire broadcast from today (12/6) defining all the national and international news that is shown in this video. Tell the who(s), what(s), where(s), when(s), why(s) and how(s)
    2. Listen to two episodes from Freakonomics Radio -- and in the same Word document
      **Do not use episodes that you listened to before **
      1. Choose two different broadcasts (there are many and they are quite varied - choose what sounds most interesting to you)
      2. as you listen, take notes
      3. write a full 1 pg. summary of each episode - be detailed in your writing
    3. Send both Rogan and Sinks:
      • Subject Line - Internship Make Up 6 - December 6 - Class Work
      • Body - What is going on with getting an internship? We go until Feb. 14
      • Attach - imu6_12.6
      • Put on your worklinks