File Management

A place for everything and everything in its place!

Organization is a key component in the make–up of a successful business person. For this reason, you will be creating folders in your directory to store your work in the proper place on a daily basis.

Simplicity is the method we will operate by this year in managing your files — with that being said, we expect you to keep your CSB folder well organized. Not only will a well–organized file system help the Kings of CSB, but it will help you as well.

  1. Start by opening your U drive (not in My Documents > scroll down)
  2. Everyone - create a new folder and name it
    • "CSB 2018 – 2019"
  3. Once you create this folder, open it and create four new folders. Name them as follows:
    • Tri1
    • Tri2
    • Tri3
    • Business Plan
  4. From here, it's pretty simple: anything we do in the first term, you will save those files in "tri 1" and so on for the other terms.