College or Service Infographic & Marketing Poster

CSBeasts Go to College or Enter the Service

As a way to explore and share information about the incredible opportunities available at a variety of schools and services post-secondary, you will design a high quality, creative and informative Infographic marketing poster that will share all of your three college choices (reach, match or safety) or creatively display the two service choices you researched.

Your infographic will be designed as a 20" x 30" poster.

How to Get Started

Using the previous assignment, College or Service Data Gathering, you will create an informative Infographic describing in detail many of the key components to admission of all of your three college choices (reach, match or safety) or the two service choices you researched.

Infographic Guidelines and Parameters

Assume the identity of the graphic design lead in the marketing department of WORLD FUTURE, a company that provides prospective students or services members with detailed infographics centered around an individuals wants and needs. You have been assigned a particular student that has wants and needs just like you as your target audience.

  1. Size: 20" x 30" portrait or 30" x 20" landscape oriented – Resolution 300 DPI
  2. Images: school or service logo, mascot, campus or building image (you may use any one of these images as a faded out bg if you choose) and call out graphics (these need to have a consistent look and color scheme)
  3. Content: insert critcal information that will help your prospective client make the best decision for collected from the College or Service Data Gathering assignment in a clear, organized method that compares all three of your college choices or two of the service branches.
  4. Data: use pie graphs or charts where appropriate - compare costs of tuition, housing, etc.
  5. Call to Action what do you want your client to do? Where do they need to go to do it? When do they need to do it by? Think, "Apply Now at..." or something to that effect

Your Infographic needs to be visually appealing, consistent in design, free of spelling, grammar and capitalization errors, and grab your client's attention and provide them with quality information.

Upload your design to Summit as a .jpg – DO NOT upload the .psd file - if this does not work, please email your completed inforgraphic to Rogan and Sinks - Subject: World Future Infographic - Client: your full name

Body: Write a short description that explains to your client how to use this infographic to their best ability to make the most informed decision.

Clevland State
University of Oregon
Unviersity of Oregon
FB Infographic