Thank You Letter

After the interview has been completed and you have had a bit of time to reflect on your performance, what's the next step you should take to help you clinch the job? Why a Thank You Letter of course!

By visiting several website's you will be introduced to practical and professional job seeking skills that one day may spell the difference between being hired or being one of those individuals that hang out in coffee shops circling prospective jobs in the classifieds.

Upon completion of this assignment you will be expected to know the following information:

Everyone - To Do:

Copy the article shown below into a Word document - read, highlight, margin note - save as thank you notes in your CSB Tri1 folder >

Guidelines for Writing Thank You Letters - By Laura Schneider,

First Year Students: Write a thank you letter to the company you felt you interviewed best with (American Eagle, Starbucks,Target or In N Out). Pick one individual from that interview group. A good strategy is to consult your interview evaluation and use improvements you should make as key points to your letter.

  • You can get the address from going online
  • Use the name of a second year student that you interviewed with
    • Do not use a template - automatic 0
    • Open a Word document and save it as ThankYou in CSB Tri1 folder

Second Year Students: Your thank you letter will be written to your Divisional Vice-president located at your corporate office. Find a bigwigs name at the website of your parent company.

  • You will thank that person for the opportunity to participate as a interviewer at your companies Western Regional Job Fair in Central Point, Oregon.
  • You will find your companies corporate address within their home page on the Internet. If there is not a Divisional VP name, you may write to the President of the company
  • Each of these companies prides themselves on honesty and integrity, and is not interested in a piece of fluff or a brown-nosed letter.
Formatting and Informational Suggestions
State your intentions in the first sentence.
I appreciated the chance to speak with you last Friday.
Reiterate topics which were discussed during the interview and reinforce in the interviewer's mind how hiring you could meet his/her needs.
As we discussed in the interview, I would look forward to playing the role of a mentor and organizer while being Program Director.
CONCLUSION Close with good will and remind the interviewer about when and how you will be hearing from them.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to meeting you in Beachpoint at your convenience.

The quotes and information in this chart comes from the sample letter at the Earlham College

Format your letter appropriately. Do not use a template - automatic 0

Create a letterhead with your name and address that you can copy your letter into. Remember that your inside address is on your letterhead so don't type it twice!

Open a Word document and save it as ThankYou in CSB Tri1 folder


The Student Will Be Able To:

*type a business letter in block format that immediately states the intentions of the letter, provides necessary information, and closes with good will.

*write a thank you letter following a mock interview that addresses a given audience and applies information recommended by United States universities for standards in writing when applying for a job.


Career & Technical Education
Standard VII: Workplace Readiness

Accomplished career and technical educators develop student career decision making and employability skills by creating opportunities for students to gain understanding of workplace cultures and expectations.


Use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, paragraphing and citations.

Extend and deepen comprehension by relating text to other texts, experiences, issues and events.


Demonstrate job-seeking skills (e.g.,writing resumes,completing applications,and participating in interviews.)

Assess personal characteristics related to educational and career goals.