If you want to be successful and financially comfortable, you have to sell yourself (appropriately of course).What better way to describe yourself than by using power words and action phrases! Just saying POWER and ACTION brings an air of excitement to the room.

Modern resumes used for getting a job often contain a section called a profile. We will be going into more depth on resumes later but for now, we are going to practice using language that sells yourself by creating a profile that helps us get acquainted with you. Parts of this will be adapted for your resume later.

2 examples of a previous student's profile
Hardworking and dedicated student who has earned a 4.0 GPA and achieved Principal’s List for three years. Enrolled in accelerated classes. Excels in math, currently taking Advanced Placement Calculus and Physics. Contributed to community by dedicating many hours to community service. Member of National Honor Society and Key Club. Tutored other students. Extremely well organized and detail oriented, able to work independently with minimal guidance or as part of a team. Able to learn quickly, accept responsibility, and adapt readily to changing situations. Skilled in project scheduling, prioritizing tasks, multi-tasking, solving problems, communicating clearly and persuasively, both orally and in writing evident by evaluating all of the factors that could affect the success of a drive-thru coffee stand in a foreign country, and then presenting the research in a trade show format.
  • Respectfully speaks, listens and acts towards adults, teachers, and peers, evident in her equal treatment toward all students and receiving the Character Award two years in a row, the BIS LEADS Award, and the Principal's Award.
  • Highly motivated with a drive to succeed, goal is to sustain and improve her 3.98 GPA and to keep a full schedule senior year.
  • Earnestly committed student and dedicated learner, as proven by three year attendance to early morning seminary.
  • Dependable, relied on to be punctual both at school and two jobs, caring and helpful, with work done efficiently, evident in two year membership in Honor Society and outstanding grades.
  • Strives to improve by learning from experiences and mistakes, and by taking risks and trying new things, shown by participating in Track and Field, being a member of DECA and running for chapter office





Save this as Profile in your CSB Tri1 folder.