Internship Quest

Finding the Right Site

Our goal is to have our internship sites established quickly and have students out by Tuesday, November 7

As a first step towards placing you in your internships, we would like to find out what ideas you have about where you would like to be placed. Remember that the idea is to develop skills and experience in an area you would like to be employed in after finishing your education.

These internships may in fact be the most crucial part of your high school education. It is a chance to try out a career you might be interested in as well as gain contacts and skills related to that particular career.

Your work on this assignment will be crucial towards our success in getting internship placements. Think about where you want to be and what you want to do.

My CareerWise Information: Present this information in a publishable & informative way


Then, answer the following questions in a Word document - save this document as Intern_quest in your CSB Tri1 folder

  1. Based on your career interest evaluation, what Career Clusters are you most suited for? your top ones
  2. Did you seem more interested in careers involving people or things? Give an example of something you like to do to support this.
  3. Learn more about your first listed cluster - read the description - what does it say about the fields you may be interested in? (write in your own words).
  4. List three types of jobs (click on the Careers in this Industry) that you may enjoy and could actually participate in as an intern in this area (this eliminates bartending, etc.) - include job title and a brief explanation of what the job is.
  5. Do these careers interest you? If so, explain why. If not, what are some that do?
  6. What are your hobbies and interests?
  7. What work experience do you have already?
  8. What are your favorite classes in school?
  9. What subjects are you best at in school?
  10. Do your plans for school (post high school) support your career interest? By this we mean are you taking classes that support your plans for when you graduate? Explain.

When you have completed the above questions, then answer the questions below in an email:

Email to Rogan and Sinks - Subject: Internship - Attach: Intern Quest