Career Interest Survey

Career Path

Finding the Right Path for You


Complete the Career Interest Check List from Wisconsin's Technical College




Make an Infographic

Using the list of questions below you will have to do something specific in your design








Design Parameters


      • Size: 8.5 inches x 11 inches | 300 resolution
      • 1/4 bleed
      • Heading 1: Career Interests
      • Heading 2: For insert Your First and Last Name
      • Annotate this at the bottom of your doc in small letters: "Survey Results Credited to Wisconsin Technical College
      • Keep design consistent – color scheme, font, graphics
      • Use a stroke around text where appropriate (smaller font sizes shouldn't use a stroke)


    • Save as or Export as .png as "lastname-firstname-career-interest-infographic" in your
      CSB Tri 1 folder
    • Email as an attachment to Rogan and Sinks - Subject: Infographic - Attach: lastname-firstname-career-interest-infographic - Body - When I grow up I'm going to be a .......
    • Copy/paste the png into the Shared Drive (P) in handins/CSB/2017-18/career-infographic