CSB Internships

What You Need to Know

Our goal is to to establish internship sites quickly and get students out by Tuesday, November 5th

Internships will run from November 5, 2019 to February 18, 2020 – a total of 14 internship days (roughly 34 hours of practicum time).

*Internship days are not required during the holiday break – December 23 - January 3. Please be sure to relay this with your internship supervisor. You are welcome to attend your internship on those days; however, no extra points will be awarded.

Workplace Experience

Every student in CSB attends an internship either at a business, school, government agency, non-profit organization, or professional office one time a week for two hours. In years past, students have the option of staying with the same internship all year, or splitting up their time for multiple internship experiences. We feel that internships allow students to gain valuable workplace skills in an occupation they are interested in; furthermore, this provides students with a real-world glimpse into what it might be like in a future career path.

For many students, the internship experience solidifies their ambitions to persue a career in the related field of their site; however, some students learn from their experience that they would rather explore other options. Either way it turns out, the experience is valuable for students planning their futures.

About the CSB Internship Program

Required Time Information

The time commitment is 2 hours.

Your internship can run from 1:45 - 3:45 every Tuesday - *You may make other time arrangements with R/S approval

PLEASE NOTE: driving time is not part of the internship time commitment - we have to use our benefit of being during 4th and 5th period for travel.

Internship Program Requirements

  • We require you to turn in your filled out timesheet on a weekly basis
  • Dress Professionally
  • Know where your business is located
    • Arrive early
    • Be respectful
    • Bring your internship contracts every week to your site, fill out your appropriate sections and turn in on Wednesday for grading.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I don't find an internship right away?

    Students have TWO weeks to find an internship without penalty once we start the internship process. We will have awesome Internship Makeup Assignments for those who don't find an internship. After those two weeks, students without an internship will be required to do an internship makeup assignment and will only receive 5/7 possible points for the day.

    How do I get to my internship if I don't have transportation?

    We recommend three options: (1) coordinate a ride with another student in CSB, (2) find an internship close by so you can walk to the location, (3) arrange your internship day/time on the weekend so you can have a parent/guardian/loved one drive you to the location.

    What if I need to miss an internship day because I'm sick or have an appointment?

    Totally understandable, but treat your internship like a job: call your internship site prior to the scheduled internship time and email mike.rogan@district6.org and jeremy.sinks@dsitrict6.org that you will be missing your internship due to an illness or family emergency. DO NOT SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS ON INTERNSHIP DAYS!! Haircuts, nails, tanning, ortho, dentist, cosmetologist, photographer, bookie, etc. are all examples of places/businesses you should not be at during your internship time. Internship days count as assignments in CSB. Missing one is like missing an assignment. Failure to attend an internship will result in the student receiving an I (incomplete) for that assignment and it must be made up.

    If I miss an internship day, how do I make it up?

    Schedule a "make-up" day with your internship site – DO NOT schedule a make-up time during a non-internship day in CSB or during another class. You should schedule a day/time that is outside of class for the 2:00 block of time. You missed the day, it's your responsibility to make it up on your own time. Should this option not work out, you may do the Internship Makeup Assignment for the day you missed but you will receive a maximum grade of 5/7.

    How are we held accountable, is there a contract?

    Signed contracts are required between students, parents, and intern supervisors regarding transportation and participation in a non-paid work experience.