Trade Show Planning

The Trade Show is designed to simulate how a business might promote itself to encourage individuals or investors to do business with their company.

Your role as a presenter will be to introduce your business and what it has to offer both the consuming public and the potential business investor, while your role as an audience member will be to gather information about what the different businesses and determine if you would become a potential customer.

As a presenter, you will set up your booth along with other members of CSB. Each presenter will be required to do several presentations.

Required Components for your Presentation

  • A Decorated Booth
  • 8 minute Verbal Presentation
  • Handout
  • At least four props for your booth which are representative of your company. Two must be created using a computer. These items may include:
    • sample products
    • promotional items
    • slide show or web page
    • sample advertising

Required Components for your Presentation

  • INTRODUCTION - Have an exciting introduction (including you and your business name) - set your audience up for what your presentation will be about
    • Include the type of business proposed, with a brief description of the major product/service involved
  • Set up your presentation in relation to the 4 P's - Product, Price, Place and Promotion
  • Use the following subsections from your business plan to make your presentation top-flight
    • Executive Summary
      • Self-analysis
      • Trading area analysis
      • Market segment analysis
      • Analysis of potential location
      • Proposed organization
      • Proposed product/services
      • Proposed marketing strategies
    • CONCLUSION - Remind us as to why we shoud invest in your business

Remember to look at the requirements above when making your plan.

1. List the props you plan on using.
2. How will you present the required information? (Slide show, note cards, reference to props, video, handouts, etc.)
3. Sketch what your booth will look like. Your booth should be about 3'X6'
4. What do you need to do between now and the Trade Show? Make a to-do list with goal dates of completion.

5. Write an outline of your speech.