Business Plan

Promotional Strategies

How can you implement different activities to improve your businesses performance? Savvy, up-and-coming future business leaders use a variety of promotional tools, while others ...well, y'know, close within six months.

First, look at the slide show on 7 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas from - this will give you some good ideas about low cost promotional activities you might consider for your business.

Second, look at the note summary we have put together on the promotional mix - this will give you a strong lising of promotional activities available to businesses.

Written Assignment - Promotional Strategies

Introduction – Write a short introduction to Promotional Strategies illustrating the fact that the best product in the world will not sell unless people know about it.

Explanation of the Promotional Mix – Describe how you have studied different promotional options and that the following section will describe the promotional mix of (your company) which will be of greatest benefit to your company.

Bulleted List: Choose at least three promotional activities your business will use from the following choices: personal selling, advertising, publicity, and sales promotion and provide specific information about each. Below are some examples of what could be used.