Business Plan - Product/Service Mix

For this section you will outline your product/service, product mix, product line, etc. As always, make sure you use paranthetical citations where necessary.

Writing the Analysis


    1. Write a descriptor of what your product (or service) is, and how your product is unique and in demand in the Rogue Valley.  This descriptor should clearly state what your product or service is
    • Explanation of Product  and Product Mix (the variety of products a company sells. It also refers to the total number of product lines that a company offers to its customers)
    • Introduce the reader to the products your business will be offering - Use a topic sentence to introduce the discussion of your product mix, and then describe your product(s) in detail using the terminology below

Explanation of Product Mix – use a topic sentence to introduce the discussion of your product or service.

    1. Include a description of your product mix (the different products your business will make or sell) using the terminology from below. The more products you have, the less detail you will be able to provide. Give details of the major products and then you can  list examples of more minor products (you can do this as bullets if you would like):
      • Product Item – product items may be defined by such things as model, size, color, or brand
      • Product Line –a number of products grouped together based on similar characteristics(example: Samsung's mobile phones are divided into product lines based on the following features; touch screens, slider/folders, QWERTY keyboards.)
      • Product Width– Product width is the focus a business has when it carries or produces several different product lines. For example, Foot Locker has good product width because they carry Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Converse
      • Product Depth – Product depth exists when a business sells or produces many products within the same product line. For example, Ford trucks have considerable product depth with standard cabs, extended cabs, club cabs, short box, long box, half ton, three quarter ton, one ton, blue, red, white, green, F150, F250, F350, etc.


    • Conclude the section by emphasizing the strength of your product/service and product mix.  Use one of the conclusion strategies – Simple Summary/Frame or Circle/Proposal or Call to Action

Save as > Product_Service Mix in your Business Plan folder