Business Plan Project

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Business Plan Outline


  1. Executive Summary
    • The Executive Summary is a thorough description of the project that takes the reader from business inception through financing
  2. LEAN IN Canvas PDF of your Business Plan
    • Capture Your Business Model in 20 Minutes by Ash Maurya - Lean Canvas PDF (printed for you)
    • Intro to video and the Lean Canvas PDF (this will be a part of your final business plan)
    • Each of you will be responsible for watching the Video by Maurya and filling out a Lean Canvas - your completed Canvas will be keyed in to a pdf and turned in to dropbox and added into your final business plan - this will be used to replace several sections
  3. Self Analysis

Analysis of the Business Situation

Trade Area Analysis

  1. Geographical Analysis
  2. Competitive Data
    • Examines present competitors (listed and briefly described), competitive advantages and disadvantages of the proposed business.

Market Segment Analysis

  1. Market Segment Analysis
    • Target market (age, income level, population estimate, other specific demographic and economic information), customer buying behavior related to the proposed business

Analysis of Location

  1. Location
  2. Floor Plan

Planned Operation of Proposed Business

Proposed Organization

  1. Type of Ownership
    • Type of ownership and rationale

Proposed Product or Service

  1. Proposed Product and/or Service
    • Details of product(s)/service(s) to be offered. If the business is a service business, appropriate information about plans to provide the service, including necessary supplies, etc.
  2. Suppliers - Inventory Policies
    • Includes potential suppliers for product and/or equipment.
  3. Equipment
    • Outlines necessary equipment for daily operations.

Proposed Marketing Strategies

  1. Pricing Policies
    • Proposed pricing policy, costs, markups, markdowns, and relation to competition.
  2. Promotional Strategies
    • Proposed promotional program, personal promotional activities, non–personal promotional activities, media availability, costs, one–year promotional plan outline.


Financing and Investment Sources

  1. Financing and Financing Fund Sources
    • Short–term and long–term borrowing for working capital, equipment and property


  1. Conclusion

Annotated Bibliography

  1. Works Cited Reference Guide - Must be in Alpha Order - minimum number of citings is 10


  1. Selection Letter
  2. Print Ad
  3. Business Card
  4. Press Release

*Note: Include in the appendix any exhibits appropriate to the written entry, but not important enough to include in the body; these might include sample questionnaires used, letters sent and received, general background data, minutes of meetings, logo, etc.


Important but not included in 2017:

  1. Previous Financing
  2. Income Statement
  3. Start Up Costs
  4. Inventory Methods
  5. Target Market Estimate
  6. Forms and Ownership