Business Plan Project

Sites for great Demographic Data

Business Plan Outline


  1. Executive Summary
    • The Executive Summary is a thorough description of the project that takes the reader from business inception through financing
  2. LEAN IN Canvas PDF of your Business Plan
    • Capture Your Business Model in 20 Minutes by Ash Maurya - Lean Canvas PDF (printed for you)
    • Intro to video and the Lean Canvas PDF (this will be a part of your final business plan)
    • Each of you will be responsible for watching the Video by Maurya and filling out a Lean Canvas - your completed Canvas will be keyed in to a pdf and turned in to dropbox and added into your final business plan - this will be used to replace several sections
  3. Self Analysis

Analysis of the Business Situation

Trade Area Analysis

  1. Geographical Analysis
  2. Competitive Data
    • Examines present competitors (listed and briefly described), competitive advantages and disadvantages of the proposed business.
    • Includes your SWOT analysis

Market Segment Analysis

  1. Market Segment Analysis
    • Includes your Demographic and Pyschographic Datathat determined your target market (age, income level, population estimate, other specific demographic and economic information), customer buying behavior related to the proposed business, a direct competitor and an indirect competitor
    • Includes your Psychographic Profiles related to the proposed business, a direct competitor and an indirect competitor

Analysis of Location

  1. Location
  2. Floor Plan

Planned Operation of Proposed Business

Proposed Organization

  1. Type of Ownership
    • Type of ownership and rationale
  2. Management
    • Management style, proposed organization, salary structure.

Proposed Product or Service

  1. Proposed Product and/or Service
    • Details of product(s)/service(s) to be offered. If the business is a service business, appropriate information about plans to provide the service, including necessary supplies, etc.
  2. Suppliers - Inventory Policies
    • Includes potential suppliers for product and/or equipment.
  3. Equipment
    • Outlines necessary equipment for daily operations.

Proposed Marketing Strategies

  1. Pricing Policies
    • Proposed pricing policy, costs, markups, markdowns, and relation to competition.
  2. Promotional Strategies
    • Proposed promotional program, personal promotional activities, non–personal promotional activities, media availability, costs, one–year promotional plan outline.


Financing and Investment Sources

  1. Sales Forecast
  2. Financing and Financing Fund Sources - Bizstats
    • Short–term and long–term borrowing for working capital, equipment and property


  1. Conclusion


  1. References Guide - Must be in Alpha Order - minimum number of citings is 10


  1. Selection Letter
  2. Print Ad
  3. Business Card
  4. Logo
  5. Type of Ownership - busform - pro/con chart from assignment
  6. Other*

*Note: Include in the appendix any exhibits appropriate to the written entry, but not important enough to include in the body; these might include sample questionnaires used, letters sent and received, general background data, minutes of meetings, logo, etc.


Important but not included in 2019:

  1. Previous Financing
  2. Income Statement
  3. Start Up Costs
  4. Inventory Methods
  5. Target Market Estimate