Business Plan

Management and Organization

What type of manager will you be? Will you follow the lead of Gordan Ramsey and berate your employees to get the job done right or else? Will you lead like Oprah and cultivate relationships with your employees? It's time to think about what style of manager you plan to be.

Pre-Planning - set yourself up for success:

Part 1: Managing with Style - this will be put into the written assignment (see below)

Read this short article titled "Three Effective Management Styles" from Open a Word document and do the following:

  1. Understand each management style - participatory, direct and teamwork
  2. In 2-3 sentences, explain which management style suits you and why (can you site an example?)

Take the Management Style Test and check to see where you compare with your classmates


Part 2: Organization - this will be put into the written assignment (see below)

organization chart

Organization for your team is fairly simplistic with only 3 team members, but in real world scenarios, it can be a bit more complex. So for this piece, you will still set up an organizational chart for your business.

Use the Smart Art tab in Word and create an organizational hierarchy chart that illustrates the structure of your team. For each position, include several key responsibilities – you have license to get creative!


Part 3: Yearly Labor Schedule - this will be put into the written assignment (see below)

This is only an example
Store Manager
Assistant Manager
Retail Clerk
25 hours week
$11,110 per year

Create a table in Word with the yearly salary and labor costs for your employees.

What is minimum wage in Oregon?
The current Oregon minimum wage of $9.25 per hour

How much will I earn working a minimum wage job in Oregon?
A full time minimum wage worker in Oregon working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, will earn (gross wages) $74 per day, $370 per week, and $19,240 per year. The national poverty line for a family unit consisting of two people is $15,230 per year.


What is your take home pay - after tax with this full time job?

Yearly Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly
$16,643 $1,386 $320 $64.01 $8.59



Organization and Management (Written portion that will go in your business plan)

Using the information from above, you will describe your management style, organizational structure, and salary schedule.

Don't forget to use Parenthetical Citations when quoting or paraphrasing information from another source. You will more than likely site the Salary Wizard from and the articles on Management Styles

Don't forget to add additional sources to your Works Cited page – see Works Cited Reference Guide for citing sources.


Explanations of Management

  1. Define your management style
    • Write a paragraph that explains your management style and why you think this type of management will be the most effective for your business. Be sure to refer to the article "Three Effective Management Styles". Also, explain how you might "adjust" your management style to address a problematic situation.
  2. Explain your proposed organization
    • Explain the major duties and responsibilities that you will hold and those of your employees.
    • Insert the organization hierarchy chart
  3. Explain your salary schedule/structure
    • Summarize the your salary schedule
    • Insert the salary schedule table
  4. Conclusion

    • Re-emphasize why good management leads to success and why you believe your management style will lead to your success.

Note: if your business is starting as a one person show, write this section as a plan for the future when growth requires more employees. Future growth plans are seen positively by potential investors.

Save as Organization and Management in your Business Plan folder