Business Plan

Analysis of Potential Location

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – It is the mantra of the the professional business world and if your business is placed in the correct one, you will be one happy camper. At this time you should have an idea about where you are going to set up shop.

Create an outline or bulleted list (not a list of answered questions) that addresses (at least) most of the information below:


  1. Give a street address - also include cross streets- a hybrid map on Google Local may help
  2. What town and what part of town is your business located in - north, south, etc?
  3. Are there compatible businesses near by?
  4. Who is the landlord and what is their contact information? - use Jackson County's Property Data Online (we will do a quick walkthrough)


  1. How far away from your business?
  2. What part of town are they in?


  1. What type of traffic is necessary for your business to succeed)- (car, foot, heavy, light, or is delivery more important?)
  2. Where are people going when they drive by you?
  3. Jackson County Traffic Volume

Area Map

  1. Finally, choose an appropriate area in your paper to insert a map of the area where your business is located. Modify the map in Photoshop to include the following
    • label proposed location of your business
    • label the location of your competition
  2. Go to Yahoo Maps, Google Local, or other mapping site and create a map for your business

Don't forget to cite sources you use when you use them.

Save as > "location" in your Business Plan folder