Geographical Analysis

Business Plan

Why is it important to consider the geographical features of an area when starting a business?

Think about these important influences:

THIS IS A LIST OF IDEAS ONLY! It is not all inclusive nor do all questions need to be addressed in your paper.

Writing the Geographical Analysis

The geographical analysis of your business is written as a mini-essay and needs to include the following:

  1. Map of your trade area
  2. A introductory paragraph with a hook and thesis
  3. A body paragraph describing location (the broad area of Medford or Central Point, not the specific building location)
  4. A body paragraph describing climate
  5. A body paragraph describing topography
  6. A conclusion paragraph
  7. Parenthetical citations (in APA format)

Add Citations to your References page (Bibliography)

To add visual interest you will need to find a map that shows the geographic detail of the area and insert it with your written description.

Tips for Writing the Geo Analysis

The audience for this project makes it appropriate that all writing be in third person


  • THE HOOK – an intro sentence that motivates the reader to continue; this statement might introduce the beauty, potential for distribution and unique geographical aspects of your trade area
  • THESIS STATEMENT – one sentence that informs the reader what the paper is about. Usually comes at the end of the introductory paragraph

Body Paragraphs

  1. LOCATION – describe the location of your trade area. This is in relation to the rest of county and/or state. Think in terms of how easily products could be distributed in your trade area. Discuss shipping problems that may occur (i.e. landlocked country). Discuss benefits as well.
  2. CLIMATE – describe seasonal weather patterns, such as, precipitation, seasonal variations in temperature. Discuss the impact of climate on distribution of products or sources of products that the climate is conducive to. You may note the impact or threat of wildfire in the valley
  3. TOPOGRAPHY – describe the topography. Again, how does it impact distribution of products and delivery. Does the topography enhance distribution? For example, mountainous terrain creates havoc for distribution especially in winter. Also, what type of opportunities/problems does this create? Include industries or resources that are enhanced by the topography, such as, recreation, hydroelectric power, or mineral deposits.


  • End by re-emphasizing the key geographical features that you feel have the greatest impact on your business


REMINDER: always use your own words as much as possible. CITE YOUR SOURCE even if you paraphrase


See the References Guide for in-text citations


Bullet Points

Consider the following as you craft your paper:

  • Does the location of major highways (example: I-5 corridor) provide advantages for import or export of supplies?
  • Does being in a coastal location provide shipping advantages or disadvantages to and from foreign countries?
  • Does the location provide advantages in terms of tourist traffic?
  • Does the climate provide advantages to the product you are selling?
  • Does the relative location to snow covered mountains provide advantages for the product you are selling or potential winter transportation issues?
  • Do rivers (example: Rogue, Illinois, and Klamath Rivers) affect your products sales directly or indirectly through tourist traffic?
  • Do the forests and lakes affect your products?
  • Do the seasons (example: hot dry summers) affect the sales of your products?
  • Do specific geographical formations (example: the Oregon Caves) affect sales of your products?
  • Do seasonal weather variations affect the sales of your products?
  • THIS IS A LIST OF IDEAS ONLY! It is not all inclusive nor do all questions need to be addressed in your paper.


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