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Using a word processor or graphics software to make your own business cards can be quite helpful when you have a small venture that doesn't require hundreds of business cards. The quality isn't the same as what you get if you actually had cards printed, however, it is considerably less expensive if you need less than a hundred cards.

For the trade show, you will be designing business cards to be displayed at your booth. A sample should also go in the appendix of your business plan.

Consider the following when designing your business card:

How to make in Microsoft Word

  1. File>New Blank Document
  2. On the Tab Bar> Click Mailings >
  3. On the left side > click icon that says labels - this will open a window
  4. In that window - click on the box where it says label
  5. In the dropdown (probably says Microsoft) - change to Avery US Letter
  6. Scroll way down to 8371 – business card > OK
  7. Click new document
  8. This will open the business card template for your business card (10 equal boxes) - Key in your business info – when you are finished click new document
  9. insert your company name (logo) and other pertinent information

NOTE** - You can also go to and download a template for product 8873

Save as "Business Card" in your Business Plan folder