Business Plan



Now that you have decided on all the cool stuff you are going to buy for your business, it is time to figure out how to pay for it all! The most logical funding source for most of your businesses is a Small Business Administration guarantee loan. These loans are obtained through a bank but are backed by the SBA (Small Business Administration). The following will outline the general procedure for financing using SBA loans.


Working Capital 5 to 7 years
Equipment 7 - 10 years
Real Estate 25 - 30 years


SBA 7A Term Loan Rates


 Fixed or Variable 

Loan Year Length
Multi-Use, Industrial, Retail, Office, Commercial Condos  
Prime - 4.00

<7 + 2.55

>7 + 2.75

Special Use, Convenience Stores, Motels, Assisted Living, Restaurants 
 Prime - 4.00
Small Business Administration Loans  (buying real estate acquisition) 
Prime - 4.00


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