THE BIS LIST - Your Evaluation of You

Sinker and I think Exhibition Night should not just be a big 'ol dog and pony show - which can happen if it is run from a top down management perspective. Because we don't want to manage that way, we think it is cool to have you guys totally drive the bus on this one (presenting your quality and the evaluation of that quality). Which leads to this assignment:

BIS LIST - Evaluation Form Creation (2nd Years - last years is invalid)

You are to create a 1 page BIS List evaluation form for use on Exhibition night -- which will be filled out by your parent, guardian, loved one or significant person that you are presenting all of your outstanding work to on Exhibition Night. In that we have discussed what you are proud of and would like to showcase, you have a great starting point in terms of what you decide to showcase in your evaluation form. Think in terms of a 5 W's (who, what, where, when, why). Build this form in regard to what you will actually show and tell to your parent, guardian or loved one.

There are several requirements including:

Example evaluation form - thank to former CSB super* Zach B

Save as bis_list_last name in your CSB Tri2 folder - Print out and turn in to box - also upload to Synergy Dropbox - Subject: BIS List Eval


The Form Itself


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to do an Evaluation Form if I am not attending Exhibition Night?
  Yes. We will have you fill out an evaluation form on your own and have you take it home to your parent/guardian/loved one to discuss with them and sign. It is also a graded assignment.
What if I might come on Tuesday?
  CYA* - do one, it will be in your best interest if you do decide to come. If you come and you do not have an evaluation form you will be definitely disappointed (in more ways than one)
What if I cannot find anyone to present to?
  Parent, guardian or loved one.
Can't I just have you or Sinks watch my presentation?

No. Sorry.

I did my form but forget to print it out - can I email/text/call you to do it for me?
What if I don't have enough time to finish the evaluation form because there is so much work in this class I cannot get it done?
  Sorry you feel so pressed - Like my old friend Ben Franklin used to say,

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."

What if I don't put my name on my form?
  Hmm...why don't you find it and put it on? Sorry to answer a question with a question - but, I guess it is better than saying duh.
What if I don't have 2 things that I have done in class?
  Dude - what's your deal? Are you serious?.
Should I dress professionally on Tuessday night?
  Absolutely - look good, feel good
What if I do my form, fill it but but fail to turn it in?
  Man, you really have a rain cloud following you around. If this happens, we would treat you as you would be treated in life - a little empathy, a light tap of sorry on the shoulder and a little "tsk" out of the side of our mouth. That's it.