Internship Thank You Card

The CSB Internship Experience

To show your appreciation for the people and business/organization that opened its doors to you, you will write a non-traditional (but still totally), professional thank you card.

From Laura Schneider's article, Thank You Letters: Guidelines for Writing Thank You Letters - here are some key suggestions for you to thing about:

Thank You Card Formatting - Our expectation is of your written thanks

Formatting and Content Suggestions


State your intentions in the first sentence2 sentences max
I appreciated the opportunity to learn and work with your team at the Southern Oregon Humane Society.


Reflect on specific things you learned and enjoyed, and relate how the experience will help you moving forward in your future education and/or career4-5 sentences minimum
You cannot imagine how much this internship experience meant to me. Not only do I love working with animals, I learned so much about caring for them. One of the most memorable moments for me was when I witnessed Dr. Davos perform a surgery on a chihuahua. I feel so inspired by all the people who showed me what working in this field entails and I can't wait to pursue my degree next year at Oregon State. I have just received word that I have been accepted and look forward to hearing if I have been placed in their award winning veterinarian program.


Close with good will and reiterate your appreciation for the opportunity
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to intern with your organization. I appreciate your time and energy in teaching me about caring for animals. If the opportunity comes up again, I would love to intern with the Southern Oregon Veterinarian Clinic in the future.

Next Steps:



* No Internship Thank You Letter Assignment

You will write a letter to a business in S. Oregon that creates/builds/makes/designs/etc something that you like. In that letter you will follow the same format and guidelines as above.