CSB International - US and Iran Understanding 2


In order to stay on top of what is happening with our country in regard to international events worldwide, we will be researching current events. Our first stop will be in the Middle East, where we will be taking a journey to learn and understand the rising tensions in this area. Along the way we will build a knowledge base of terminology, government policy and actions and positions of power.

Overview: Explore the rising tensions in the Middle East and consider the consequences of the assassination of a powerful Iranian general. Now we will follow up what happened with the missle attack and the president's response.

Revisit your responses

Drew, John and Hannah were spot on when they discussed WWIII and Memes. The Washington Post published an opinion article titled "The terrible honesty of World War III memes" by Molly Roberts focusing on the way that young people in the US responded to news in the Middle East - here is a short selection from the article:


So what happened next?


Watch - Iran Fires Ballistic Missles at U.S. Forces in Iraq and Trump Announces That Iran Appears To Be Standing Down from CNN

Read - Trump calls for more economic sanctions on Iran, no further military action from the LA Times

Write - An article summary and opinon of these last two events (in Word - save as CSBInt2)

Upload - your completed assignment in to the CSB International - US and Iran Understanding 2 assignment portal


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