The 2019-20 Crater Constellation Yearbook Cover Contest

It has become Crater High’s unique tradition to use student art for the yearbook cover and we need your help to design the perfect cover.

Can your design join in on the previous design winners like Hannah Joseph, Griffin Hokanson, Ellie Putmann, Raylynn Leffler, and Zach Boskovich?

We are in need of your great ideas and artistic talent. See what you can brainstorm, capture and create in your art to show your vision of Crater 2019-2020. Good Luck!

We will have some sort of sweet prize to the winning design - definitely a free Yearbook – the rest to be determined.

All artwork becomes property of Crater Yearbook

  1. Create a new folder and title it "Yearbook" in your "Digital Media" folder
  2. Save all asset files in this folder
  3. Save as "19-20 YearbookCover"
  4. Be Creative and save as you go!


Deadline – Friday, October 22nd

Upload to the Summit and email to Rogan and Sinks - Subject: 19-20 Yearbook Cover - attach the jpeg

Format – Electronic Versions (created in Photoshop or similar - scanned into a Photoshop file) - Must be high res (at least 300 resolution)


The design MUST INCLUDE:

  1. 2019-20 on the front cover
  2. One of the following:
    • Crater
    • Crater High
    • Crater Nation
    • Crater Constellation
  3. On the spine: Crater Constellation 2019-20 - Volume 69
  4. You may or may not list all the school names (Renaissance Academy, Crater Academy of Health and Public Service - Crater School of Business, Innovation and Science) or school letters (RA, CAHPS, BIS)
  5. School logos located in the shared drive – P:\handouts\Sinks\Digital Media\Logos

Design Parameters

  1. Total Size of Design is Height - 11" (inches) by Width - 17" (inches)
  2. Leave a 1/4" space around design (this is for printing purposes)
  3. Resolution must be set at 300 dpi

Below is an image of the layout of the flattened book cover.

Yearbook Layout