In honor of Halloween we will be doing some fun things with images often associated with the night of TRICKS and/or TREATS. The idea is taken from Worth1000 a site devoted to photoshop contests that is now part of DesignCrowd.

The Original Tomb



Using your Photoshop prowess, you will change this everyday, dimestore variety tomb into a SPOOKY TOMB. If you click on the Tombstone, you will see the Worth Contest.

  • Need ideas? Look at previous students work - while not the happiest stuff in the world, many of these are well done!
Scary spooky
freaky horrifying
dark electric


Don't just mail it in with one change or replacing the color to patina - use the skills you have learned. Save this as a jpeg - lastname_spooky

When you have completed your Tomb, email to Rogan and Sinks: Subject: Spooky - Attach as lastname_spooky - Subject - your favorite halloween costume ever