College or Service Infographic & Marketing Poster

CSBeasts Go to College or Enter the Service

As a way to explore and share information about the incredible opportunities available at a variety of schools and services post-secondary, you will design a fun and informative infographic marketing poster.

Each of you has picked a college or service that you are interested in and will create a 20" x 30" poster.

How to Get Started

Using the previous assignment, College or Service Data Gathering, you will create an informative infographic describing in detail many of the key components to admission of your chosen university (or service).

Infographic Guidelines and Parameters

Assume the identity of the marketing department of the college or service you have an interest in – high school students are your target audience.

  1. Size: 20" x 30" portrait oriented – Resolution 300 DPI
  2. Images: school or service logo, mascot, campus or building image – you may use any one of these images as a faded out bg (design option)
  3. Using all the information you have collected from the College Data Gathering assignment, create an informative AND attractive flyer (see some examples of design below)
  4. Your infographic needs to be visually appealing and grab the audience's attention.


Examples of different visuals for idea generation:

Dean cleve