Powder Puff

Create the 2017 Logo

Crater has a long-standing tradition of pitting freshman/sophmore and junior/senior girls against each other on the great American gridiron.

Powder Puff is one the funnest events held during the school year. Students contribute to the event in a variety of ways – one way of contributing is designing the logo for this year's event.

Design Parameters and Guidelines

Using either Photoshop or Illustrator, design the logo to be used on the player's jersey for this year's Powder Puff game

  1. Size needs to be large (6" by 6" for example) - it will go on front of the jersey and the program
  2. Resolution is 300
  3. Don't just steal an image – copyright laws are 80/20 – image must be modified by 20%
  4. Max of 3 colors – create a logo that will work for both a white and black background – you may create two logos with a different color scheme to go with a light and dark colored jersey
    • Jersey colors include: black, orange, white, gray/siliver
  5. Save as both psd and jpg – ppuff2017_last name
  6. Email the finished .jpg only to jeremy.sinks@district6.org and to mike.rogan@district6.org – Subject: PPuff Logo - Attach - ppuff2017_last name - Body - My logo is.....

Previous Years Logos

Last years award winning design by Drake Souza!