Women Veteran's Celebration


Theme - “Service with Pride – Women with Star Spangled Hearts”

Flyer and Invitation to Celebration at VA Dom this August for Veteran Women


We have been asked to create a flyer/invitation for the VA Dom's August celebration celebrating women who have been in our Armed Forces. The event is to honor all women Veterans in Southern Oregon and Northern California.


Below are several images of previous campaigns to give you an idea of what they have done in the past. We would like you to use your design skills to create something memorable. You do not have to use the images that they sent except for the the service seals (you are welcome to find other versions of the same seal).

It's that time of year again for the Women Veteran's Annual Celebration.  I know a lot of the kids you have are seniors and may not have time, but maybe someone younger could help out?

We had our first planning meeting yesterday - we haven't really finalized a theme or logo - but came up with a lot of great ideas and will be voting on them at our next meeting.  

VA Dom notes to Rogan

I'm attaching a picture - this is what we are wanting to center the logo around - I tried to look for one that was a bit lighter - but didn't have any luck - so not sure if this can be lightened.  Would like to drop the cloud background - committee is wanting an eagle and combat boots incorporated into the picture somehow.  I played with it a bit yesterday - but I'm just not very creative.  That and the software we have access to here is very limited - I'm not in the right department to have access to the good software.

As far as the eagle picture and boots picture I'm attaching an eagle picture - don't know if I like it or not.  But they are free to choose one that they think would incorporate well into the logo.  They can be as creative as they want (within reason...).



They love this idea (Rose/Flag)


Link to Tysen Lang's winning entry from last year.


General Requirements:

  1. Size is 8.5 by 11
  2. Resolution should be 125 to 300
  3. You need to use the theme - Service with Pride -- Women with Star Spangled Hearts
  4. You need to incorporate the 5 services logos in your design.
  5. Include - You are invited....(see below)
  6. Event is on 8/18/17 from 1:30-3:30 (doors open at 1:00).
  7. Location is same as last year ad (the Eagle one)
  8. Put the info and rsvp contact info in too!
  9. Save as WVC_lastname- as jpeg
  10. Email your completed flyer/invitation to Rogan - Subject - Women's Veteran Celebration
2015 Flyer