The Myth of Narcissus

A Read and Re-write

Narcissus by Caravaggio

  1. Read - You are to read the story of ECHO & NARCISSUS from this link from Myth Man (as told by Thomas Bullfinch)
  2. Re-write the myth of Narcissus
    1. Tell us this myth in your own words
    2. In your own setting (Future world, GOT, Flintstones, Pokemon, Halo, wild west, etc.) whatever environment you would like
    3. Create characters, names, etc that you wish -


Part Two - Joining our Figment Group

Figment - Join our Figment Group - CSB Writes 16.17

    • First, set up an account at Figment.
    • Just click "Sign Up" and follow the instructions - use your school email address - you might have to use a number in your password - your confirmation will go into your "all mail" folder
    • Once you've got your profile all set up, go to
    • On the Groups homepage, press "Browse Groups" and enter our Group's name - CSB Writes 16.17
    • Select our group, and then press the button that says "Request Access." You will then have to be approved by Rogan (which I will do)

Next, post your story story to your Figment account

Rogan and Sinks will grade your story in Figment - not there - no grade!