The Return of Elf Yourself - CSB Version 3.0

Rogan Elf

In the spirit of the holidaze, and our week's worth of fun holidazeisms -- we bring you an assignment that harkens back to your initial interest in Photoshop that asks the essential question -- how do I make someone look funny?

This is it. Help yourself to Elf Yourself.

REQUIREMENTS/TO DO: Make you into an elf:

Couple rules of the game:

Pictures of you can be found in the shared directory>handouts>csb>2016-2017>- or take a new pic of yourself.

Turning in


Making Elf Ears - the transform tool > warp


When you have finished - link er up and save as elf_your last name in your CSB Tri2 folder











when you are all done, you might want to go heree