HCVisibility 2 - He-Man or Powder Puff


More vital-ness! We've got to get the word out on He-Man and Powder Puff during Homecoming Week to the entire student body at Crater High. To do so, we have hired the most effective marketing firm in CP - the CSB!

Each of you will be create one full page flyers (your choice of either VB Madness or PPuff- that will be printed (in color) and hung up around our campus in order to inform our campus about our upcoming VB Madness and Powder Puff games.

    1. Flyer - Volleyball Madness
      • Info:
      • In an effort to keep up the spirit of #CraterNation, community, and fun we will be having Volleyball Madness on Monday, Oct. 17 from 7:00 to 8:45 in the big gym. In order to attend and participate in VB Madness > please bring a can of canned food as the price of your admission. All canned food will be donated to Access and shared within our community.

        Players will sign up in teams of 6 to 8 and be pitted against others – winners stay on the court. So get your buddies, grab a can of food and bring your A game to the Big Gym Monday, Oct. 17 at 7:00 and sign up to play VB Madness.
      • Cost 1 can of food - all proceeds from gate will be donated to a local charity
      • Big Gym
        • 20 by 30 (300 Resolution)
        • No spelling errors
        • Done today
        • Awesome - you do not need to use Madness, it is up to you!
        • Use logos/colors/etc - pick one of the built by BIS logos to use on as well
          • Use any design program you wish that gets the job done (If you use Publisher make sure to convert to jpg at the end)
          • Save it as an image - jpg or png
          • email to Rogan and Sinks and link up as vbmadness_last name


    1. Flyer - Powder Puff - Wednesday, Oct. 19
      • Come see amazing flag football action as PowderPuff 2016 hits Dutch Meyer Field on Wednesday, Oct. 19!
      • Freshman vs. Sophomores start at 7:00 - Juniors vs. Seniors starts at 8:00.
      • Crater's amazing Flag Team and Band will be performing and our new scoreboard will have the CESPN crew in action.
      • This is a fundraiser event for Crater DECA and tickets are $3 (student body cards do not work at this game) Kids 10 and under are $1
        • 20 by 30 (300 Resolution)
        • You can use Drake's winning logo or you may use your own PPuff logo!
        • Use Photoshop - Illustrator - any design program you wish that gets the job done
      • Save it as an image - jpg or png
      • email to Rogan and Sinks and link up as ppuff _last name



DECA Logo - Crater DECA Honey Badger Logo

Link to BIS Logos - Community 101 Logo