HCVis1- SPIRIT DAYS & Activities


And Away we go!! We've got to get the word out on what is happening during Homecoming Week to the entire student body at Crater High. To do so, we have hired the most effective marketing firm in CP - the CSB!

Each of you will be creating a full page flyer - that will be printed (in color) and hung up around our campus and around the town of Central Point in order to inform our campus and community about our upcoming Homecoming Week.

    1. Flyer - Spirit Days & Homecoming Activities
      • Info: feel free to create phrases or descriptions for each day Like "Fight for Crater: CRATER NATION", etc.)
      • Monday -- Crazy Socks Day
        • Activity is Volleyball Madness and is from 7:00 - 8:45 in Big Gym
          • VB Madness is sponsored by DECA and is a fundraiser for the ACCESS canned food drive - come play volleyball for 1 can of food
      • Tuesday -- Twin Day
        • Activity is Volleyball vs. Eagle Point - JV at 5:30 - V @ 6:45
      • Wednesday -- Blast from the Past Day - Activity is Powder Puff and is from 7:00 to 9:00
        • Powder Puff is sponsored by DECA and is a fundraiser for DECA - tickets 3$
      • Thursday - Disney Day
      • Friday-Pink OUT at the Game
        • Activity is - HC Game and Dance - Game is against the N. Eugene and Dance is from 9:30 to 11:30
      • Rules and Requirements
        • 8.5 by 11
        • No spelling errors
        • Done today
        • Awesome
        • Use logos/colors/etc - pick one of the built by BIS logos to use on as well if you would like.
          • Use Photoshop - Illustrator - any design program you wish that gets the job done
          • Save it as both a psd and as a image - jpg or png
          • Email the jpg only to Rogan and Sinks - Subject: HCVIS1-Spirit and link up asĀ spiritdays
          • Link on your worklinks as spiritdays

Link to BIS Logos - Built by BIS - Crater C - CSB Shield


Example from last year:

Hansen Flyer


Puff Logo


- Powder Puff 15


Crater Nation - White Out T-shirt Logo (these will be the ones for sale)

Crater Nation