LinkedIn Banner (to be used on your Worklinks)

Rogan Banner

This is not the same size as yours will be, it has been resized for this page. Yours will be 1400 (w) by 425 pixels (h) - click on the image for the correct size

You will be creating a LinkedIn Banner for use on your worklinks page in CSB. Using Photoshop as a tool, you will introduce yourself to the class and teachers by filling us in on the following information (all of this is shown in the banner above):



Banner General Requirements and To Do:


Open Your Image and Remove Your BackgroundUnlock layer

You will find your image in the Shared directory (P)>handouts>CSB>2015-2016>LinkedIn_photoshoot

  1. Open your image in Photoshop - File>open>find your image>open
  2. It will open up in Photoshop
  3. You will need to unlock your layer
  4. Using the Quick Selection tool - grab yourself! We will show you and 2nd years are pretty dang good resources. More detailed instructions and a video for removing the background



Resize Your Image

  1. Once you have cleaned out your background > you will have your image up and it is honking big. Time to resize
  2. On the top bar - Image>image size> change height to 1.15
  3. Click on move tool (top of tool bar - looks like a

Other stuff