Photoshoot Intro - a two picture photoshoot


Soon, each of you will be creating a "LinkedIn/CSB Banner to be used on your Worklinks page that will follow the theme of Business/Travel/International. The banner will be centered around you. Your thoughts and beliefs, a quote, college and career aspirations are, what businesses you respect, etc..

In that your professional image is a key component of the banner, it is without question that you not only feel good, but look good. You will need to dress professionally and bring in appropriate props for your picture.

  • What is professional dress? Let's discuss this... What is not?...

One pose will be a waist up shot - the other pose will be your discretions (see LinkedIn examples)

Tomorrow during keyboarding we will be breaking down into groups and getting your pictures taken - please bring in all your appropriate gear!


Look at professional business portrait poses and LinkedIn Header: