INTERNSHIP MAKE_UP – Wednesday, Dec. 8 - 2010

If you are here today, this is one of several activities which needs to be completed and linked up in order to receive a grade higher than a 1 for today’s internship day.

In an effort to stay on top of the game and know what is going on in the world around us, we will delve into the world of current events. Using the New York Times Learning Network as our source, individually each of you will be responsible for reading several articles with different focuses, learning the word of the day, answering the test prep question of the day, and taking the daily quiz on articles from today's NYT.


Stil Available - Internship Opportunity
Evali Salon - 411 E. Pine Street - Central Point - 541.727.7711
Owner - Ali Reed


To Do:

    1. Open a Word document - name is internmakeup 12-8
    2. Read each of the following articles and comment on the NYTimes site on them - from The Learning Network - for your comment - use your last name_CSB
      1. What Activities Make You Engaged, Focused and Happy?
      2. What Are Your Favorite Children’s Books?
      3. In the Word Document below - include a link to the NYTimes site so I can see what you wrote on the blog site (need to make your points in an intelligent manner - if you can support opinion with a experts testimony (as opposed to following conventional wisdom) your words will be much more powerful.
    3. Find an article of interest from - Link it - summarize it - comment on it. Do this in the same Word doc.
    4. In the same Word document - look at Test Yourself | Math, Dec. 8, 2010
      1. Do the math - did you get it right? Why or why not?
    5. In the same Word document - look at the Word of the Day
      1. Write a sentence for each word of the day in regard to something you have done or about you in some manner. Each students sentence should be different because you are all so different.
    6. In the same Word document - Go to and take the SAT question of the day
      1. Write down if you got it right or wrong - if you missed the question - why (by that I mean what were the suggestions given? You may copy and paste what it said)
    7. Save again and place on your worklinks – don’t forget to notate that this is an internship makeup.
    8. Create an 480 by 360 (pixel) flyer for our website ( - for the Interact Clubs Annual Toy Drive - see info from Sue Barlow:
      • Every year at Crater the Interact Club sponsor’s School District 6 Families for our Holiday Gift Exchange. This year we will sponsor 107 kids and are in need of 214 gifts. We encourage you to make a difference for those in need this time of year.
        • How? Stop by the BIS main office and pick up a gift card.
        • Return the gift to the BIS main office wrapped and labeled with the age, gender, and student number indicated on your gift card. It is critical that you include your gift card so we can deliver the appropriate gift to the appropriate person.
        • All gifts must be returned by Monday December 13th, 2010.
        • Thank you for taking the time and effort to make someone else’s life happier.

      1. Think in terms of advertising for this - Headline, Copy, Illustration, Signature
      2. Save this as ToyDrive- have someone in class proof it -- email to Rogan and Sinks
    9. Link up and send as an attachment in an email to Rogan - subject internmakeup 12_8