CREATE AN AD - 4 Key Parts of an Ad - Headline, Copy, Illustration, Signature

Powder Puff - Black Out - Back in Black Shirt Sales - Terrible Towel (Black Out) - Hero's Homecoming

Click on the visually unattractive but extremely informative article about Writing Effective Print Ads from Kirk Hallahan of Colorado State University (hey, it was 1996 - this was cutting edge!)

Copy/Paste/Read/Highlight/Margin Note this bad boy - save it as 4 key parts in your CSB Tri1 folder - Do this now. We are going to discuss it in several minutes.

What now?


Requirements - Info - Logos:


Powder Puff Game - you need to use this years logo created by Jonathan Wagenet

Powder Puff 2010

Black Out - this will be on the Terrible Towel

Black Out Terrible Towel

Back In Black - T Shirt Sales

Back in Black



BIS Logo

BIS Logo1 BIS logo2 BIS logo 3


Crater C

Crater C


CSB Shield

CSB Shield