About Crater School of Business (CSB)

The School of Business began as a "school within a school" in 1993. Dedicated to providing a realistic, hands-on experience, CSB pioneered in instruction by integrating technology accross the curriculum. In fact, in the late 90's CSB was the first educational program in Southern Oregon, if not the entire state of Oregon, to implement a self-contained network with access to the internet, and the first to develop a school website!

Today, technology is still a big part of the CSB experience. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of new developments in technology – whether it's in graphic design, web design, business, or video production, CSB utilizes technology to "do things" – to create, design, explore, develop, implement, to RULE!

Career/Technical Education (CTE) Pathway

CSB is partially funded by the Federal Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Grant which provides for most of the technology in our classroom. As a Marketing and Technology program, students learn valuable skills such as higher-order reasoning and problem solving skills for emerging occupations. Further, it is creating an educational environment that integrates core academics with real-world relevance. CTE is leading this change, transforming expectations and making a difference for students, secondary and postsecondary schools, businesses, and industry.

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Operations and Logistics

The program's uniquely integrated approach produces highly prepared graduates for college, business, and vocational endeavors. Students enter CSB as juniors, and participate in the program for two (2) years. The course runs everyday for two (2) periods. Class size varies from year to year, but generally the program contains around 70 students.

Mike Rogan and Jeremy Sinks partner to teach the class, each bringing their unique expertise to the program. Rogan, aka "Rogie", brings years of business management experience, coupled with a passion for travel, sports, and "kickin booty." Sinks, aka "Sinker", is a Crater graduate returned with a background in literature, writing, and web design.


The CSB swagger struts to the tune of "Do it well, make it better." The grading system and redo policy reflect the good business practice of continuing to seek improvement until the quality reaches publishability. Students are continually challenged to perform their best and are measured by real-world expectations.

Students are encouraged to make the most of their high school experience by taking advantage of the additional college credits offered in CSB and participating in extra-curricular activities like DECA, Community 101, Student Board, school events, and sports.


Every student in CSB attends an internship either at a business, school, government agency, non-profit organization, or a medical office one time a week for two hours. Students have the option of staying with the same internship all year, or splitting up their time for multiple internship experiences. Internships allow students to gain valuable workplace skills in an occupation they are interested in; furthermore, this provides students with a real-world glimpse into what it might be like in a future career path.

For many students, the internship experience solidifies their ambitions to persue a career in the related field of their site; however, some students learn from their experience that they would rather explore other options. Either way it turns out, the experience is valuable for students planning their futures.

High School and College Credits

Not only do CSB students earn the typical credits for a junior and senior in high school, but they also have a plethora of college credit options. Students earn college credit through RCC's College Now program by taking CSB, and also have the opportunity each term to enroll in an RCC course for FREE!

High School Credits

  • 4 English credits (Honors option available)
  • 2 Global Studies credits
  • 1 Economics credit
  • 2 Business credits
  • 1 Marketing credit
  • 2 Technolgy credits

College Credits

CSB offers a wide range of college credit from RCC's College Now program, including writing, business, graphic design, and computer science courses.

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