International Marketing Project


Don't forget to cite your sources and keep writing in your own words!
keep track of every resource you use — remember to cite within text and create a bibliography entry

Transportation (list this title)


Overview (paragraph)

Write a general overview of interesting elements about transportation in your country (such as super trains in Japan, the Chunnel in Great Britain, the Autobahn in Germany, mountainous roads in Chile, etc.) and more importantly, the primary transportation for citizens. The percentage of population who own cars may be a good way to measure this.

Try Nielson Car Ownership or Vehicle Ownership (look on page 5)search for resources on your own.

Images (one total)

Insert an interesting picture related to an element discussed in the above paragraph.

Resize the image so it fits nicely in the paragraph. Change the picture setting so the text "wraps" around the image (double click the image — the picture tool bar should open with the text wrapping option).

Transport Analysis (graph and interpretation)

Create a graph for each of the three transportation sectors below:

  1. Roadways Paved and Unpaved
  2. Water and Railways
  3. Ships and Airports
  4. Use the CIA Factbook for this section - look under Transportation

Write an analysis for each of the three transportation sectors to go along with each graph.

Roadways Example: "Looking at the following graph, we can see Rogania has more unpaved than paved roads. This could possibly limit the transportation of goods and services throughout Rogania with the type of trucking we are familiar with in the United States. Paved roads make up only 15% of Rogania's highway infrastructure compared to 66% in the United States.We can see that despite Rogania being a country that is 3% the size of the United States, it has far less highway infrastructure. From this we might conclude that it is more difficult to get goods or people from place to place than it is in the United States."


Save in your IMP folder as transportation