International Marketing Project

Recreation and Leisure

Don't forget to cite your sources and keep writing in your own words!
Keep track of every resource you use — remember to cite within text and create a bibliography entry

Recreation and Leisure (list this title)

You will describe in paragraph format the recreation and leisure activities of your country - save as IMP Rec in your IMP folder - Remember to use your info from the games that we put on the CSBeast

Your paper must include:

  1. An introduction to the Rec and Leisure activities in your country
  2. Three different paragraphs describing a different recreational or leisure activity in each paragraph (examples found below)
  3. Images
  4. What the entry and exit requirements are for your country.

Possible Recreational and Leisure Activities

Images (three total)

Find appropriate images to accompany each recreational or leisure activity.

Resize each image so you can include it in the paragraph that describes the recreation or leisure activity. Change the picture setting so the text "wraps" around the image (double click the image — the picture tool bar should open with the text wrapping option).

Entry / Exit Requirements (shaded text box)

Off of the Department of State's you are to list specific ENTRY / EXIT REQUIREMENTS for travel to and from your country (Do you need a passport? Is a Visa required? What is a Visa, is that a credit card? How long can a traveler stay there?). This is to be put at the bottom of your paper