International Marketing Project


CSB Students Go International

The heart of the International Marketing Project is to expand students' cultural perspective and awareness. Today's global economy demands a solid understanding of the differnences between countries and people.

Students provide an in–depth analysis of a country's economic, political, and social systems through research and study, and ultimately determine a country's potential for supporting a non-profit that is focused around impacting an issue of social-political-economic significance.

Students culminate their studies by presenting their research to students, teachers, administration, family, and business members in a "Global Fair."


Basic Outline

General Formatting

Cover Page

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Issue
  3. Non-Profit
  4. Geographical Area Analysis
  5. Economic Analysis Part I
  6. Economic Analysis Part II
  7. Political System
  8. Trade Laws and Legal Analysis
  9. Population
  10. Diet and Nutrition
  11. Housing
  12. Transportation
  13. Labor
  14. Education
  15. Clothing
  16. Recreation and Leisure
  17. Language
  18. Religion
  19. Bibliography - (MLA - must be in alphabetical order, must have a minimum of 12 cited sources within your IMP and in your bibliography)
  20. Appendix
    1. NonProfit - Print Ad
    2. Issue Brochure
    3. Images (as you see necessary)
    4. Recipes (as you see necessary)
    5. Etiquette Information
    6. Country Selection Letter

Global Fair


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