International Marketing Project

Non-Profit Print Ad

For this segment of the IMP, you will create a print ad to market your non-profit, your country, and the issue all wrapped in one. Our feeling is that this may be a challenge for some of you to touch upon all three in a simple 8.5 x 11 print ad, but with a little creativity and a few well-chosen key words, we think you will be able to create something creative and professional.

Parts of a Print Ad

  1. Headline — a short statement geared to attract a reader's attention
  2. Copy — information text (short)
  3. Illustration — obvious
  4. Signature — logo

The Non-Profit Print Ad

The angle you take here will largely depend on your non-profit idea and your marketing strategy. Will your illustration focus on the issue in the country, or will your strategy go for the product and the non-profit?

The choice is yours to make – below are the basic guidelines you need to follow:

  1. Size is 8.5 x 11
  2. Needs a way for us to find more information like a URL to a website
  3. If your main focus is on the issue and the country, it should be clear to the audience how we can help – i.e. "Purchase a bracelet at..." with a picture of the bracelet subtly included
  4. If your focus is the product and the non-profit, it should be clear to the audience why we should want to buy the bracelet – i.e. "Your purchase can help save thousands of children in Uganda..."
  5. Can be in either color or black/white
  6. Rogan and Sinks will print ONE copy per student. Any additional copies must be made on your own.
    • If a student would like Rogan and Sinks to print a color copy, then he/she should email Rogan or Sinks the DAY BEFORE his/her presentation and NOT the day of his/her presentation – no guarantees if the student fails to email Rogan or Sinks their print ad last minute