International Marketing Project


Don't forget to cite your sources and keep writing in your own words!
keep track of every resource you use — remember to cite within text and create a bibliography entry

The Solution – Create a Non-Profit

Now that you've identified an issue currently affecting the people in your country, it's time to create a solution to reduce the problem. Enter the non-profit organization.

A quick note to those who aren't familiar with how a non-profit operates. A non-profit is essentially a business in that it still pays employees to run the organization, but uses monies collected (either through donation or selling a product) to fund projects or services for people in need. Non-profits still have overhead costs associated with running an organization, but profit is not used to "pad" CEO bank accounts or grow their assets.

Non-Profit Name (list this name)

Create a name for your non-profit – this should be related to the business branch of our company or the type of issue you are addressing.

Mission Statement (one – two sentences)

Create a mission statement for the non-profit – this statement is essentially the premise for why the non-profit exists. You should research similar non-profits to see how their mission statement's are phrased.

What We Do (two – three paragraphs)

Describe in detail how your non-profit organization helps reduce the problem your country is facing. Include key facts about the issue or problem to illustrate the nature of the work your non-profit performs. Think of it this way, when you are asking people for money or asking them to buy a product for your cause, they want to know it's going toward something that is worthy – the better job you do here, the easier it will be when you create your marketing strategy and present for the trade show.

Ways You Can Help (paragraphs or bullet points)

You need to focus on three areas:

  1. Donate Money
    • All non-profits live or die by the amount of money they receive from donors. You need a section here to solicit donations
  2. Buy a product you are selling
    • Some people just don't like giving money away without getting something in return, nor can they afford to donate huge sums of cash – it's just the nature of the world, but some people will gladly buy something you are selling that can easily afford. You need to create a product to sell that is highly profitable, and if it's possible, include the people you are trying to help in the process. For example, Invisible Children employs women in Uganda to make bracelets which they sell online. Part of the profits go to the women who make the bracelets and to fund schools
  3. Volunteer your time
    • Not every person involved in the non-profit organization is paid. Many people are volunteers. This is a great way to get people involved in your cause and to grow your non-profit's reach. You need to include ways for people to get involved in your non-profit

Partnerships (paragraphs or bullet points)

You won't be able to go it alone – you need endorsements. Identify at least three (3) agencies or organizations that would be mutually beneficial for your organization and theirs. Describe your relationship with all three. You may use the government of your country as one of your endorsements.


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