International Marketing Project


The marketing segment is intended to supplement your booth design. Even though we are not requiring you to complete any of the below marketing strategies, they will certainly add a level of professionalism to your presentation. Professionalism = A Better Grade

A note of warning: just because you do one or all of these, doesn't guarantee you a good grade. Quality matters so do a good job — remember, you can use these as part of your booth design and will go towards the booth grade.


Design a simple website for your company. You don't need to design an elaborate site with several pages, rather focus on the marketing of both product and country. You won't really have the opportunity "to go through" a website during your presentation, so think about what you would like your audience to see on a monitor.

A note of warning: don't create a site with "dummy links" — people will browse through your site, so make sure you fill each page of your site with content. My advice is to keep the number of pages down to a minimum.

Here are some suggested pages and content:

  1. Home — should include a "feature" of some kind, whether it's a product or service, or the company itself
  2. Product(s)/Service(s) — don't get too elaborate; focus on a feature that gives the audience a sense of what the company offers
  3. International — focus on the qualities you feel are the most relevant to expanding a business to your particular country

Print Ad

Create an 8.5 x 11 print ad that includes:

  1. Headline — a short statement geared to attract a reader's attention
  2. Copy — information text (short)
  3. Illustration — obvious
  4. Signature — logo

Design the print ad with themes of the company, product, and country. Print ads are most commonly used in magazines, so you may want to take a look at some travel magazines for inspiration.

We suggest you use at least 150px resolution for a higher quality print

Point of Purchase (POP)

Point of Purchase displays are specifically designed to display and sell a product. Grocery stores utilize these for special events such as the Superbowl. They can be either large or small, depending on the product.

Most POPs have large eye-catching signage with the product displayed in a self–standing cardboard apparatus. Obviously you won't have the same resources to create a POP as the ones shown on the right, but with a little creativity, you can create a POP that has the same effect.

You could also call around to different retail stores to see if they would give you a POP display they are no longer using.

Point of Purchase Signage

Some POPs utilize large signage to attract potential buyers such as the one shown on the right. Others use a life–sized carboard cut–out of a famous athlete or movie star like the one of Johnny Depp in CSB.

Create one or two POP posters that are 26" x 30". You might follow some of the same guidelines concerning content as the print ad.

Use at least 150px resolution so the quality of the image is maintained.

Costco only charges $8.99 to print a 26" x 30" poster, but they only accept high resolution images for this large of print, so make sure you set the resolution 150px.